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Welcome to Mary Grace Design


There are several lines of products we created. Most of our product designs are inspired by Nature. We try to bring the beauty of nature to be yours in everyday life for both casual, night party or even an easy day. Let me introduce you to some of our groups of products.


Brass and Base Line

First, The Brass and Base Line, the most popular, trendy, fashionable, which can mix and match with most of any of your outfit. Certainly, the main material is Brass or Base Metal. There are 2 colors of the products, golden tone, made from brass, and silver tone, made from base. Again, all are handmade/handcrafted. This group of products has both small and wide cuff, collar choker, and earrings. Several varieties of designs. Perfect to be gifted to yourself and your beloved ones.

Handcraft Gemstone Line

Second, handcrafted from gemstones in the colors that you like. Most of this group of our products designs is inspired by nature. We try to bring nature to fit into your daily life in both color and context as you will see the flower, butterfly, dragonfly, etc. Main materials are gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and metal wires.

Silver Earring Line

Third, the main material is 925 Sterling Silver. All are earrings. Hypoallergenic earrings. These earrings are good for all people. This group of products is inspired by nature mixed with the cultures of many countries. Designs are inspired by local sports, signs of the ritual and etc. This group of products has no decorations of the gemstones to make it to be able to go with as many outfits as possible.